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Tough On Samsung Galaxy S23 Nano UV Curable FlexiGlass Screen Protector

Sale price$59.99


Brand: Tough On

Materials: Polymer Nanofilm

Product Type: Screen Protector

Compatible Device: Samsung Galaxy S23 6.1"

In the box:

- UV-Curable FlexiGlass Screen Protector

- Installation Auxiliary Kit

- USB UV light


Key features:

UV-curable flexiglass screen Protector becomes tough as tempered glass after UV curing

- Newly Upgraded UV Cured Adhesive Layer

- A new generation of UV Adhesive layer and optical curing technology, 

- Easy to instal the application is finished in one go

- The bottom side is attached with a positioning adhesive layer, convenient for users to accurately align before use. Save time and easy application

- Protection layer for higher compatibility - both flat and curved screen can be fully covered.

- High Toughness damage resistance self-healing

- Couple harnedss with softness effectively resist impact and disperse impact force

- High Precision

- Long-lasting stain and fingerprint resistance swiping is smoother

- Tough sensitive as the phone withou screen protector

- No residual glue stains, easy to remove without hurting the screen


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