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Tough On iPhone 15 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector Anti-Microbial

Sale price$39.99


Brand: Tough On

Material: Tempered Glass

Product Type: Screen Protector

Compatible Device: Apple iPhone 15 Pro 6.1" [2023 Released]


Key Features:

  • Premium grade shockproof glass is soft and high-definition, and nano-coating makes it waterproof and fingerprint-resistant, furthermore, 9H hardness glass will protect your phone from cracks and scratches.
  • An anti-microbial screen protector is designed based on the principle of copper ion antibacterial sterilization, which can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria such as algae, bacteria, mould, fungi, etc., with a sterilization rate of more than 90% to protect the health of adults, the elderly and children.
  • The selection of base material and glue for the screen remains the 3D touch feature and ensures a smooth touch experience.
  • Smooth curved edge can perfectly attach to the screen, preventing dust and bubbles.
  • Includes an innovative, auto-alignment installation kit for effortless application.

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